BrighterU has really helped my sonís academic achievements for the last two years in both Pre-Algebra and Algebra. Jimmy, age 13, is in the honors class and enjoys math immensely. He finds it very helpful to work with the BrighterU tutor to review what heís learned, explore the concepts even deeper, as well as learn other methods to solve the same problem. Also, talking about math is exciting for him and he looks forward to his tutoring sessions.

Iíve found that the tutors we have used are caring, patient, energetic, and inspirational. Itís obvious they enjoy what theyíre doing. When something is being explained, the examples given are practical and usable, not esoteric and abstract. They have recent and thorough knowledge of the coursework and the textbooks and can even tell you what to expect in the future. They truly are experts.

My son and I are thrilled with BrighterU and would recommend the company to anyone.

- Barb and Jimmy

I've worked with AJ, founder of BrighterU, for private math tutoring for two years. He has successfully held my hand through some of the most grueling courses of my school career. He not only meets with you in person, but goes the extra mile to help whenever he can, over the phone, over text, and through email. I highly recommend this service as I prepare to transfer to a four-year institution. I never thought that I could get an A in a technical math class like Calculus. I owe that to AJ and BrighterU.

- Mac S.

I have been getting help from this company for nearly 2 years now. BrighterU is an excellent program with one-on-one tutors that helped me work on my weaknesses and improve in Math and Physics. I attend several higher level Calculus and Physics classes, so there were many situations where I was struggling to maintain my grades. Thanks to the help provided by this tutoring service, I was able to pass the class with an A. The tutors at BrighterU answered all the questions I had, about calculus, walked me through my homework step-by-step, and was always available when I needed help before a test on short-notice. With the help I received, I gained a lot of confidence in myself and became much more proficient in math.

- Nick

AJ was chill and made stats class easy. Thanks to BrighterU, Iím done with college math.

- Vince D.

There are not enough words to describe just how amazing AJís tutoring service is. Hands down he is the greatest tutor I have ever had, I wish all my math teachers were like him! He works around what you want to learn and applies it in a way where you can fully comprehend every problem.

- Elliott Stern

Tutors at BrighterU are truly amazing. They make learning so simple, and their methods of teaching are extremely effective. They are kind and patient, and very dependable as well. I would recommend BrighterU to anyone, you will not be let down!

- Sheena Banerjee

Coming from the mindset of a satisfied student, all I have to say is that I'm nothing but impressed by the performance of the tutors from BrighterU.

- Kyle

I was delighted with the services of BrighterU. They were professional, timely and worth every penny. I would highly recommend BrighterU to any family looking to provide that extra bit of help that puts their son or daughter over the top. Once BrighterU came into our home, stressful homework nights were a thing of the past.

- Dianna D.

AJ always goes on your pace and asks questions to make sure you understand. He knows everything and is always flexible with scheduling. Whenever I need him he is there and without AJ and BrighterU calculus would be much more difficult.

- Danny Miller

When I started math, I was always blocking up and not able to understand what was going on. But when I found BrighterU Tutoring I became one of the top grades in my class. Now I always bring home Aís and Bís on tests!! Thank you BrighterU!!

- Chris T.

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